Coming Soon! A new platform to compete and EARN REAL MONEY to play your favorite multiplayer games...

How it work?

Mobirise Website Builder

Open an account and fund your gamer wallet to start competing with other players. You can cash out at any time. 

Mobirise Website Builder

Download our AI Streaming App and connect to gaming matches and tournaments to compete with real players

Mobirise Website Builder

At the end of the match our referee system will determine the winners through our AI Social Prove system and dedicate the gaming pool funds to the winners

How does the referee system work?

At the end of the games the players vote the winner and in case of a dispute, our AI Social Poof app streams the games in real time and is trained to determine the winner. On a last case scenario a real human moderator will be the referee and determine the winners.

Mobirise Website Builder

Game Play to Earn Options

First Place Wins

In this model the winners take the price and the losers pay

Only the last Place Pays

In this there is lower risk since only the last place player pays. So for example if a game has 10 players that cash in, only the last losing player will pay the price. So that would mean a 10% winning price for all the other 9 players

Resource Collecting

This model the game pool funds are devided according to the resource collecting statistics. So if a game has 3 players and 1 collected 40% of all resources he will earn 40% of the funds and he will be in the money. 

Our Goal is to monetize gamers

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